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Van Morrison Tickets

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Date/Time Event
Oct 2, 2019
Wed 08:00PM
Van Morrison
Grand Sierra Theatre - Reno, NV
Oct 4, 2019
Fri 08:00PM
Van Morrison
Greek Theatre - Berkeley - Berkeley, CA
Oct 5, 2019
Sat 07:00PM
Van Morrison
Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA
Oct 6, 2019
Sun 07:00PM
Van Morrison
Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA
Oct 8, 2019
Tue 07:00PM
Van Morrison
North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre - Chula Vista, CA

Van Morrison

Genre: Rock, Folk, Blues
Hometown: Belfast, Ireland
Albums: Astral Weeks (1968); Moondance (1970); Into the Music (1979); Avalon Sunset (1989)
Awards: 2 Grammy’s (1996, 1998); Brit Award (1994)
Hits: Browned Eyed Girl (1967); Sweet Thing (1968); Moondance (1970)

On August 31, 1945, Van Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and as early as the age of two, he began to find a truly deep interest in music. It was around the time when he was 15 years old that he decided that music was his ultimate calling and it hit him in such a profound nature that he left school to pursue music full time. The very first band that Van Morrison was in was with a local band that was called “The Monarchs”. 

The Monarchs did a lot of touring in and around Europe, typically playing at military basis. When Morrison had turned the age of 19, he thought it was the right time to leave the Monarchs and start his very own band, “Them”. Around the same time, he dug into his entrepreneurial side and opened a R&B club in the very heart of Belfast.

The “Theme” Years

“Them” specialized in playing cover songs and soon became the house band of his club, where they had finally began to catch some relative steam and start building a name for themselves in the mid-1960’s. They garnered such timeless classics as “Baby Please Don’t Go” and “Don’t Start Crying Now” and with their newfound success, they decided to pack up and move to London. 

“Them” eventually called it quits in 1966 and then at that point Van Morrison decided to begin a solo career, fled to New York and began recording songs that he had been working on. One of those singles was to become his biggest hits of all-time, “Brown Eyed Girl” and it would always remain the opus of his career. He continued to record a good number of hits, incorporating such styles as jazz and folk to his already rock/blues style through the help of highly talented jazz studio musicians. 

Next, Van Morrison would record two of his most eclectic and notable albums of his career, (Astral Weeks) and (Moondance). The two albums would quickly become nothing short of a great success right-off-the-bat. It was certainly a surprise to his record company that albums such as these, being as unique as they were, were able to create such a display of fandom as they had and especially at that pace. 

A Path to Greatness

Van Morrison has continued his path to becoming one of the greatest names in rock n’ roll and by sealing himself a nice spot in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, you can surely bet that he will get there.