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Shania Twain Tickets

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Shania Twain

Genre: Country/Pop
Hometown: Ontario Canada
Albums: Shania Twain (1993), The Woman in Me (1995), Come On Over (1997), Up! (2002)
Awards: 5 Grammys 12 Junos
Hits: That Don’t Impress Me Much, Your Still the One, Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
Other: ‘Come on Over’ is bestselling album ever from a female artist

Shania Twain has been aptly named the Queen of Country Pop, and considering the massive selling albums she has produced, it is a title well eared.

Born in a small town in Ontario, Canada, Shania Twain was born Eileen Edwards, before changing her name to recognisable one it is today.

She began signing at a very young age, and was writing and performing by the age of 10. In 1987 her family suffered a massive tragedy when her father and step mother were killed in a car accident. This left Twain to care for her three younger siblings, who she would support through performing at a nearby resort.

She then made the move to a hotbed of country music, in Nashville Texas. Here she signed with Mercury records, and not long after released her self-titled debut album. It was met with moderate success; yet put her on the map in the country music scene.

She followed up that album with the release of 1995s ‘The Women in Me’, which went on to become a massive hit, and established firmly as the most popular female country singer going, with the album selling 4 million in its first year on release, as well as winning her the Grammy for Best Country Album.

She followed this up with the release of Come on Over in 1997. This would further cement her status as the best country singer in the world, and would go on to become the bestselling country album of all time.

It spawned a plethora of hits, including ‘You’re Still the One’ and ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’. The songs featured a blend of country, rock and pop. The single went on to sell more than 40 million copies worldwide. It is widely recognised as one of the finest country albums ever, for its ability to step back from the genres stereotypes creating a very accessible pop/rock album that maintains the identity of country music.

Her next album was released in 2002 named ‘Up!’. It too continued with her success, debuting at number one in both the country and top 200 Billboard Charts. It would go on to becoming 11x platinum, and was praised for its fine song writing and country influence, made complete by the powerful vocals of Twain.

She then took an extended break from music going into retirement in 2004, when she relocated to Switzerland. She had cited her weakening voice and divorces from long time husband as the main reasons for her departure from the music industry.

Doctors revealed the cause of the problem to be treatable lesions on her vocal chords. After successful rehabilitation she returned to live performances in 2012, with her critically acclaimed show ‘Still the One’ being a key attraction at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas until its conclusion in 2014.

She now plans her first tour in over 11 years in the summer of 2015, which she will then follow up with her fifth studio album sometime after. Ensuring that country music gets one of its all-time greats back after nearly ten years.