Rolling Stones Tickets

Rolling Stones Tickets

Here come the Rolling Stones. Ready for another 150 years of touring. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood, have set their 2013 “50 and Counting” tour into motion and tickets have already went on sale. Going to a Rolling Stones concert, you can expect you would probably hear some of the top songs like "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", “Paint It, Black", "Mixed Emotions", "Ruby Tuesday", "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "Start Me Up", and many others. Going to a Rolling Stones concert will surely be a memorable experience for anyone. Don’t miss your chance to for Rolling Stones tickets. We stock Rolling Stones seats for many of their performances in North America such as Los Angeles, San Jose, Toronto, Chiacgo, Boston, and many others. Check with for Rolling Stones seat listings, 2013 schedule, upcoming tours, discount codes, and more!

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Rolling Stones Information

Genre: Several, notably rock, rhythm and blues and blues rock.
Hometown: London, England
Albums: 29 studio albums, 17 live albums. Highlights include Let It Bleed (1969), Sticky Fingers (1971), Exile on Main St. (1972), Some Girls (1978).
Awards: Highlights include a 1986 Grammy's Lifetime Achievement Award, 1989 induction into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Hits: Highlights include 1971's 'Wild Horses' and 'Brown Sugar'; 1973's 'You Can't Always Get What You Want.'
Other: The Rolling Stones reached their 50th Anniversary as a band in November 2012, currently continuing the celebration with their ongoing 50 & Counting Tour this year.

Perhaps the most well-known and established English rock band, The Rolling Stones first came to fruition in 1962. Since then, they've spent over 50 years performing and releasing music to an eager contingent of fans around the world. In fact, the band was at the forefront of the British Invasion of English bands gaining popularity in the United States in the mid-1960s. No one can deny the impact they've had in the music industry—even if they've avoided their music—and the vast amount of Rolling Stones tickets on sale each year proves that point.

The Rolling Stones are most noted for their innate popularity in modern music, since they rely on combining several musical genres into their own unique sound. Their musical style combines elements of blues, rhythm and blues, country, folk, dance, reggae and various aspects of world music.

The original line-up featured the talents of Brian Jones on both guitar/harmonica, Ian Stewart on piano, Mick Jagger on lead vocals/harmonica, Keith Richards on both guitar/backing vocals, Bill Wyman on bass and Charlie Watts on drums. After Jones' increasing mental and took leadership of the band. After replacing Jones' replacement Mick Taylor in 1975 with Ronnie Wood and Wyman's retirement in 1993, the line-up remained relatively untouched in the following years.

Despite the line-up changes, their fame mainly stems from their diverse and beloved music catalog. It earned them their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction in 1989, not to mention their 200 million-and-counting worldwide album sales. Rolling Stone magazine even ranked them number four on their 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list.

They've currently released over seventeen live albums, in addition to their twenty-nine studio albums, the most recent being 2005's A Bigger Bang. 1971's Sticky Fingers gave way to their string of eight consecutive studio albums reaching the number one position in the United States.

This year, The Rolling Stones are continuing their 50th Anniversary celebration through their worldwide 50 & Counting Tour. The current Rolling Stones schedule is expected to include a reprise of their famous 1969 performance in Hyde Park sometime this year. With the excitement building up about their anniversary tour, Rolling Stones tickets for eager fans are already available for purchase online and at venues.