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New York Islanders Tickets

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New York Islanders

Founded: 1972
Location: Uniondale, New York
Stadium: Nassau Coliseum
Conference: Eastern
Division: Metropolitan
Nickname: Isles
Rivals: Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals
Notable Players: Pat LaFontaine, Denis Potvin, Mike Bossy, Bob Bourne, Bryan Trottier 
Stanley Cup Titles: 4
Last Stanley Cup Title: 1983


Formed in 1972, the New York islanders actually came into being as a way to stop a rival hockey association, the World Hockey Association (WHA) placing one of their teams in the Nassau Coliseum. The National Hockey League (NHL) wanted a team from their own competition to play in the newly opened stadium in located in Uniondale, New York, and so the Ney York Islanders were founded.

It only took a few years for the success to begin, and after two years establishing the squad, beginning in only their 3rd full season. They managed to secure fourteen consecutive playoff positions from this season onwards, and so quickly began a golden period for the club.

They won all four of their Stanley Cup victories back to back from 1980-1983. In this time they won 19 consecutive play-off games, a feat of dominance that has yet to match in Ice Hockey, or any other sport for that matter. In fact the team of that time is so widely recognised throughout NHL history that they are one of the eight ‘dynasties’ of the NHL, clocking in at number seven, making them one of the most recent in memory.

The recent decades have not been too kind to the Islanders however, as they have yet to win the division since the 1987-88 season. Many factors have contributed to this decline - issues such as financial difficulties, ownership, management as well as falling attendance to the now in decline Nassau Coliseum. They haven’t won a play-off game since the 1992-93 seasons, showing how rapid a fall they have had since their golden generation.


The New York Islanders have two main rivalries that have quite the storied history. They can be traced back to the team’s success in the 1980s, as well as the fact they team is located in the busy city of New York, playing in one of the most crowded and competitive divisions.

New York Islanders v New York Rangers – the Battle of New York

Perhaps non-surprisingly the Islanders biggest rivalry is with fellow New York based team, The New York Rangers. It offers a unique rivalry in the NHL in that the two teams both feature in the same division and conferences, meaning that there have been numerous encounters over the years, helping to add tension between these rival teams.

In a regular season the teams will meet a total of six times, with each team hosting 3 games apiece. Historically the teams have had different periods of success, with the Islanders domination during the 1980s meaning a lot of victories on their side.  They met sporadically in the teams early years during the 1970s, winning a few games each.

However the momentum has since shifted, with the Rangers taking more of the results in the recent years, coinciding with the decline of the Islanders team. It was the Rangers that handily beat the Islanders last appearance in the play-offs in the 199-3-4 season, a sore spot that is likely still hurting the Islanders.

The rivalry runs much deeper off the ice too, with both teams fan bases becoming vocal supporters during the team’s games with one another adding more tension to the rivalries than most others in the NHL

The fan base of the New York Islanders has typically been residents of Long Island, specifically the Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as other areas. The New York Rangers supports has traditionally been more so in the other boroughs of New York, with both teams meeting regularly and being within close proximity with one another it has help the rivalry grow.

With the Islanders planning on moving to the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, the teams will be in even closer proximity to one another, ensuring that the heated rivalry will continue to grow stronger and divided families all across the city of New York.

New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

This rivalry dates back to the early days of the Isles, going all the way back to the 1970s, and it hasn’t let up since. Meeting four times in the play-offs has surely helped add to this rivalry, that and the fact both teams play in the same division, meaning the meet regularly throughout the season as well.

The Islanders have taken the majority of these play-off ties, having won 3 out of four, most of which were done in spectacular fashion. The Penguins meanwhile have only recently got past them in the play-offs, but the recent form of the Islanders over the years could be more of a factor in them meeting less.

The rivalry can be traced to the first play-off series between the two teams in 1975. The Pittsburgh Penguins had taken a three game lead to none against the New York Islanders, essentially guaranteeing victories only needing one more game out for four to win the series.

 The Islanders had different plans however, and came back to win the next four games of the series, putting them through to the next round 4-3. They have only been the second team to come back from a three games down to win a play-off, and will still likely to hurt the memories of Penguin fans.

Another playoff meeting in 1982 saw an even more spectacular game for the Islanders who were well into their golden generation, having won the previous two Stanley Cup ties. Looking to make it three in a row, the teams met in the opening round of the playoffs.

The Islanders took the first two home games with an emphatic performance in New York. The Penguins proved to be down but not out as they managed to win both of their home games tying the series at two games each.

The deciding game would be played at the Islanders home turf, and despite this they found themselves trailing 3-1 in the 3rd period. With only minutes left they managed to bag to late goals and took the game into overtime. They would then complete the comeback in front of the buoyant home crowd, winning the game 4-3 and the series 3-2. They would then go on to clean up in the rest of the playoffs on their way to capturing their 3rd consecutive Stanley Cup.

Penguins got their revenge more recently, coinciding with the general fall in status of the New York Islanders. The 2013 playoff series openers saw the two teams meet again, this time the Pittsburgh Penguins would finally get their revenge beating them comfortably over the 6 games.

The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum/ Barclays Centre

The venue was opened in 1972 and shares its history with the New York Islanders. The franchise was given to the team so the NHL would benefit from having a team play in the newly built indoor arena.

It is located in the Town of Hempstead within the Uniondale area, located on Long Island, where much of the teams fan base comes from. Over the years it has went into decline, and the Islanders announced in 2012 that they would be relocating the Brooklyn to play in the newly built Barclays Centre.