Green Day Tickets

Green Day Tickets

Holy hell! Green Day has finally gone on tour. Well it’s about time Green Day announces a tour. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool, can certainly put on a great live performance. Don’t miss your chance to get some great Green Day concert tour tickets, we stock Green Day tickets to most concerts they perform anywhere in Canada or America, such as Vancouver, Tacoma, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York, Boston,  and many others. Check with for Green Day Tickets, Green Day’s 2017 Schedule/Tour Dates, Discounted Green Day tickets, and more!

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How Can I Order Green Day Ticket?
Ordering Green Day seats with We try our best to make the selection and ordering of Green Day seats as easy as possible. Having a tough time purchasing your Green Day tickets online? Give us a call and one of our trained friendly staff will be more than capable to aide you with any questions or concerns about Green Day seating charts, tour information, tour dates, and seat availability.

How Will I Receive My Green Day Tickets?
For Green Day stubs that are e-ticket format, these tickets will be Emailed to you in a PDF format. If your Green Day seat stubs are in a hard-copy stubs, these tickets will be shipped to your mailing address that you include in the order form when in checkout for Green Day tickets.

Can I Purchase Last Minute Seats For Green Day?
Check Out our supply online to ascertain that there are adequate tickets to be available until the event. When the event is near, will usually lower the prices for seats in order to fill the concert and sell out every show, even if it means seats for below face value or cost.

When Will I Get My Green Day Seats?
All sales are checked manually for correct input and avoid user input errors or fraud. If your tickets are in an e-ticket format, we first check the order for accuracy and once completed your Green Day seats will be emailed to you in 72 hours from validation. If your tickets are in a hard-copy stubs, we begin with authenticating the sale for correct billing address added by the customer and once verified your Green Day tickets stubs will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Please be advised that venues have the right to hold back the tickets until 1 week before to the event, please be patient as we are unable to control this factor and try to make notes for tickets about when the tickets are able to be delivered.

What Happens If I Lose My Green Day Seats?
If your tickets were E-ticket format, open the original pdf and reprint the seats. If your seats were hard copy seats, please give us a call us as soon as able, it might be possible to get the venue to create a new serial number for new seats. This relies on the event and the venue if we are able to reissue new Green Day tickets for you.

What If Green Day Seats Are Sold-Out?
You’re in luck in some cases, occasionally venues release additional tickets for seats that were not previously for purchase or they were holding them off to be released. Also we may have some ticket insider news for where you may be able to get sold-out Green Day seats, we may be able to find the last single tickets or at least let you know where you might be able to find Green Day seats.

Can I Come Pick Up My Green Day Seats?
For sure. If you live or plan to be in Toronto Area, feel free to drop in our retail store at 250 Wellington Street West M5V 3P6 to pick up your Green Day tickets. Need help? Give us a call local at 416-593-1919 or toll free at 1-800-585-0059. Most tickets for Green Day can be can be picked up at our retail store, whether they are Eticket or ticket stubs, drop in our retail office and pick up your Green Day tickets.

What Are Most Awesome Seats Available For Green Day?
Take your time when ordering Green Day seats on our site. Any Green Day performance at any seperate venue will have a different seating map setup. Take a glance at the Green Day seating chart or map for a good idea of what the concert will be setup as. Some shows higher up seats are better than the ones up close like floor seats, often tikets on the side of the stage are good or bad based on seating plan. Sometimes its greater to buy seats further away based on the best Green Day seating focal point.

Will My View of Green Day Concert Be Obstructed?
Any tickets that has view that is obstructed will clearly be noted before purchasing any seats.

Is It Safe To Buy Green Day Tickets On A Website? is 100% secure e-commerce online retailer. All purchases are placed over 128-bit encryption on secure pages. is checked daily to be safe by top security software. Absolutely every order placed is confirmed manually and not automated. Be sure that any purchase placed for Green Day will be a 100% secured online sale. If you still feel worried about purchasing your Green Day tikets on, feel free to order in our office in Toronto or on the phone toll-free at 1-800-585-0059.