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Dixie Chicks Tickets

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Members: Natalie Maines, Emily Robinson, Martie Maguire
Genre: Pop, Country Pop, Country, Soft Rock, Alternative Country, Bluegrass
Hometown: Dallas, TexasAlbums: Thank Heavens for Dale Evans (1990), Little Ol’ Cowgirl (1992), Shouldn’t a Told You That (1993), Wide Open Spaces (1998), Fly (1999), Home (2002), Taking the Long Way (2006)
Awards: 13 Grammys; 4 AMAs; 6 Billboard Music Awards
Hits: “There’s Your Trouble”, “Wide Open Spaces”, “Not Ready to Make Nice”.
Other: Biggest selling country group in the US with 27.5 million album sales in the US.

Founded by Laura Lynch on upright bass and Robin Lynn Macy who played guitar together with the sisters Martie and Emily Erwin, who were both multi-instrumentalists, Dixie Chicks kicked off their very successful career back in 1989 that has been nothing short of great. Though they later dropped Lynch for Natalie Maines who became tehir lead singer. They recorded their first studio album back in 1990 after the daughter of then Senator John Tower wrote them a check for $10, 000 to cover the recording expenses. Though it wasn’t until later on in their illustrious career that a major record label noticed and signed them, they opened for big artists like Garth Brooks and George Strait which was a big thing for such a small group from Dallas. 

Thanks to the help of their new manager Simon Renshaw, the group signed to Sony Music Entertainment for a development deal that saw them expand their fan base beyond Texas as well as Nashville. This is the point where they also replaced Lynch with Natalie Maines, who has been their lead singer since. They recorded “I can’t love you” n October 1997 which was a success and went on to reach number ten on American country music charts and paved way for them as a force to be reckoned with. Their follow-up singles were a success, but their debut album on Sony was what catapulted them to the fame that they deserved. Wide Open Spaces sold over 12 million copies.
This album paved the way for Dixie chicks next album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 album charts. Fly sold over 10 million copies that made them he first female country group to accomplish this and earn double RIAA Diamond certifications for this. This success has been nothing short of exemplary as they have gone on to win 13 Grammy awards as well as numerous nominations. Since 2008 though they have taken hiatus from the music scene to concentrate on other projects of their own but their success is unquestionable, and it will be a long time before another group breaks their record.