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Dave Matthews Band Tickets

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Date/Time Event
Apr 6, 2019
Sat 08:00PM
Dave Matthews Band
Altice Arena - Lisbon, PT

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Albums: Remember Two Things (1993), Under the Table and Dreaming (1995), Crash (1996), Before These Crowded Streets (1998), Everyday (2001), Busted Stuff (2002), Stand Up (2005), Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (2009), Away from the World (2012)
Awards: 1 Grammy
Hits: ‘Crash Into Me’ You & Me’, ’Bartender, ‘Where Are You Going’, ’Ants Marching’
Other:  Only group to have 6 consecutive albums debut at number one (Billboard 200)

Dave Matthews Band appeared to much acclaim during the 1990s, offering up a dints sound of folk and jazz that would slowly evolve over the years. They were favourites for college students and known for their great live shows, with frontman Dave Matthews easy sounding vocals complimenting the rich and full sounds of a band that were completely their own.

The band navigated through their success in the 90s to grow and mature a sound that has become massively popular not only in their native USA but across the globe.

Dave Matthews was bartending in Charlottesville, Virginia where he would regular jam with his acoustic guitar and other well-known local musicians. It would not take long for him to form Dave Matthews band with trumpeter John D’earth, drummer Carter Beauford , and reeds player LeRoi Moore, who would perform their first concert in 1991. They would soon add Boyd Tinsley violin with Stefan Lassard completing the line up on bass.

Very much a renowned live band, DNB would love to allow fan inputs into their song, building a strong rapport with fans which to this day still remains strong. Their first record was independently released in 1993, becoming an indie smash hit and favourite of college students across the country. This would lead to a record deal with RCA, who would produce the band’s debut studio album.

Under the Table and Dreaming was released in 1994 and featured already popular live tracks such as ‘Ants Marching’ and ‘What Would You Say’. It was a smash hit, going four times platinum and providing a platform for the bands commercial success.

Their follow up effort in 1996s Crash would see even more critical recognition as the bad would win a Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for’ So Much to Say’. After this, Dave Matthews Band would take a short break from recording new material, instead focusing on touring and live shows, further showing their devotion to their fan base.

In 1998 they would release a less upbeat record in the form of Before These Crowded Streets. It showed the ever maturing sound and experimentation that the band was not afraid to try. It was none the less very successful, debuting at number one.

The 200os heralded in change in times for the band, yet they remained ever popular. Their first album to feature some electric guitar was released in the form of Everyday, followed by front man Dave Matthews’s Grammy winning solo effort Some Devil.

A few more studio albums and live convert recordings took up much of the early 2000s for DMB, all of which would sell well along with their tours. The band would be struck by tragedy whilst recording their next studio album when reeds player LeRoi would become fatally injured after an AV accident.

As on founding member of the band and key song-writer, it would prove to profoundly affect the band, which would go on to complete their studio album in horn of their lost band mate. Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King would be one of the bands most diverse and deeply emotional albums to date.  Jeff Coffin was named as LeRoi’s replacement, taking over saxophone duties.

Dave Matthews Band most recent studio album was in 2012, and they band continues to extensively tour, offering a wide range of different sets, including both electric and acoustic. With massive worldwide tours planned for the duration of the year, the band remain on of the most long standing acts that emerged from the 1990s, and show no signs of decreasing in popularity.