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Blue Rodeo Tickets

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Date/Time Event
Apr 2, 2020
Thu 07:30PM
Blue Rodeo
Brandt Centre - Regina, SK
Apr 4, 2020
Sat 08:00PM
Blue Rodeo
Leons Centre - Kingston, ON

Genre: Country Rock
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Albums: Outskirts (1987), Diamond Mine (1989), Casino (1990), Lost Together (1992), Five Days in July (1993), Nowhere to Here (1995), Tremolo (1997), The Days in Between (2000), Palace of Gold (2002), Are You Ready (2005), Small Miracles (2007), The Things We Left Behind (2009), In our Nature (2013), A Merrie Christmas to You (2014)
Awards: 5 Juno Awards
Hits: Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, Till I Am Myself Again, 5 Days in May, Try
Other: Induced into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2012

Blue Rodeo are one of Canada’s biggest rock acts, blending a mixture of country, rock and folk music, pulled together with the strong song writing abilities of group members  Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor. Whilst their success has been limited outside of Canada; they are one of the biggest and most revered acts in their home country.

The band was formed in Toronto by singer-songwriter and guitarist duo Chuddy and Keelor. Both were long-time friends since high school, having been performing together for a number of years. After moving to New York to seek out fame and fortune, the duo found that their success was limited in the US. They decided to move back up to their hoe city, where they recruited bassist Bazil Donovan, Drummer Cleave Anderson and keyboardist Bob Wiseman.

With a guitar based sound that was keeping in tone with the preferred taste of those living n Toronto, Blue rodeo quickly built a reputation there. It would garner the attention of Risque Disque, a small label that signed the band. They would work a deal with Warner’s Canadian branch, who would distribute their records.

1987 saw the release of their debut album Outskirts, which was incredibly popular in Canada, selling over 200,000 units. Their follow up was even more successful; with Diamond Mine (1989) selling even more units in Canada and helping the band win their first of many Juno awards

After their record label ceased its operations, they would be singed to Warner, and with more resources behind them they would attempt to break into the American market. Their third album was more of a pop influenced record, yet was well received from the critics south of the border. Despite this it did not sell well outside of Canada.

With the release of Lost Together in 1992, Blue Rodeo went back to their country rock roots, releasing one of their most critically acclaimed albums to date.  It would prove to be last record with original member bob Wiseman, who went on to pursue a solo career.

Further releases in the 90s cemented their status as one of the top acts in Canadian music with Five Days in July (1994), Nowhere to Here (1995) and Tremolo (1997) all becoming critical and commercial hits in Canada. Each album showcased the bands experimental abilities, with the likes of folk rock and psychedelic rock finding their way into their recordings.

After dabbling with side projects, the band continued to release smash hit albums in Canada, including 3 studio albums and a double disc record closing out another successful decade for one of Canada’s long serving rock outfits. With a recent release in 2013, the band continues to grow and play under the guidance of Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, who along with Bazil Donovan remain the only constant members of the group.

2014 proved landmark year for Blue Rodeo, when they were awarded Canada’s highest honour in the perfuming arts with the Governor General's Performing Arts Award (GGPAA) for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. With over 30 years under their belts, there is little left for Blue Rodeo to achieve, but that hasn’t stopped them rocking out shows across North America