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Massey Hall Tickets


When choosing the best place to see live concerts in Toronto, Massey Hall is the ideal venue for any concert goer. If you enjoy the perfect ambience, high quality sound, memorable experiences, then check the Massey Hall concert schedule. 2012 and 2013 have some excellent concerts lined up. Toronto can expect to see some great concerts like Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall. Other concerts at Massey Hall include Buddy Guy, Diana Krall, Heart, and many others to come. Keep an eye out for great deals for many Massey Hall concerts coming up next. When you are looking for last minute ticket deals for any Massey Hall events, drop by our storefront retail store at 250 Wellington Street West (2 blocks north of Rogers Centre). We stock almost every event that happens at Massey Hall, check with for our up to date Massey Hall tickets schedule, Massey Hall seating maps/charts, concert tickets, concerts schedules, discounted seats, and more! Give us a call at 416-593-1919 or toll free at 1-800-585-0059.

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Massy Hall Information

Massey Hall Address:
178 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 1T6

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Massey Hall Seating Charts

Massey Hall Concerts Seating ChartMassey Hall Concerts Seating Chart

Massy Hall Information

Massey Hall is a storied building located in the downtown area of Toronto. This performing arts theater seats less than three thousand people, which leads to a more intimate environment and a more enjoyable experience. This concert venue was dubbed a historical site of Toronto in 1981. Toronto concert tickets can be purchased for many different halls, but Massey Hall should be experienced by everyone at least once. Massey Hall tickets are affordable, but they include a setting that has historic value in Toronto.

Massey Hall has underwent numerous renovations over the years, but its history has not been replaced. This hall has remained an intimate setting for many years and has not been expanded or overhauled. Many important people have visited Massey Hall and acquired Massey Hall tickets, over the years. Some of the dignitaries that have visited include Duke and Duchess Cornwall along with Queen Mary. Famous performers have also sold many Massey Hall tickets over the years. This includes Neil Young, Oscar Peterson and Gordon Lightfoot. Many historic concerts have been recorded in Massey Hall and now live forever in infamy. The Massey Hall performance schedule has always been packed, but in the early years it was constantly sold out and home to very prestigious concerts.

Even the design of Massey Hall was created for needs of the past. When this hall was built people were looking for a place to enjoy music that was not choral. Therefore, a secular building like Massey Hall was the perfect venue to enjoy concerts. Even now Toronto concert tickets at Massey Hall are sold often to people wanting to experience a concert in a historical setting. Massey Hall schedule is still packed year round with performers and acts that Toronto is longing to see. Therefore, Massey Hall tickets are a great option for tourists or others looking for the perfect concert setting.

Massey Hall is a prestigious venue that will eventually be a Toronto landmark. Therefore, Toronto lovers and historians should experience the tradition and history available at Massey Hall. Musical acts love playing in this intimate venue, because it enables performers to connect and interact with the audience easily. Just because Massey Hall is a smaller venue does not mean it isn’t a valid option for a musical concert. Some of the best musical concerts are experienced in small historic halls like Massey Hall.